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Teen Patti Dilbar, Rummy Dilbar, Rummy Dilbar Apk, Rummy Dilbar App, Download Teen Patti Dibar, Best Teen Patti Dilbar App, Get Teen Patti Dilbar Apk Download, New Teen Patti 41 Bonus App, Friends today we are going to talk about the recent launch Teen Patti App. The name of this teen patti earning apk is Dilbar Teen Patti App and this is easily available on the internet you can also download this apk here.

Teen Patti Dilbar is a new earning app from the makers of Teen Patti Bindaas App The most favorite part of these Rummy Earning apps are that you can make unlimited money from these rummy apps without any investment if you invite people and other than that there will be small investment if the user wants to make money by Playing rummy games.

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Download Dilbar Teen Patti App because the Rummy Dilbar Apk is not only providing you the online gambling games but you will be also eligible to play the Fantasy cricket in this Rummy Earning app from now onwards. The more you play more you win and the more you reputation will increase in the market.

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About Teen Patti Dilbar, Download Dilbar Rummy App

Teen Patti Dilbar game is a very popular online rummy game. The way we People Play Offline card games. That way you can play the card game online through the Teen Patti Dilbar game. The biggest feature of this game is that you can earn good income every month along with Entertainment.

In the Teen Patti Dilbar game you find a lot of ways to play the game. Where you can make good money by putting your exact mind on it. The biggest feature of the Teen Patti Dilbar game is that all the money you Deposit here is very safe. And here the income you make is transferred to your bank account in a very secure way.

Teen Patti Dilbar गेम कैसे खेले, How to Play Dilbar teen patti game

To play Teen Patti Dilbar game first you need to install Teen Patti Dilbar game on your smartphone. Below will give you complete information on how to download the Teen Patti Dilbar game to your smartphone.

To play Teen Patti Dilbar game you just download this game to your smartphone by clicking on the download link provided by us. After that you open this game on your smartphone. After you open the game, choose your preferred language. Now you will get two options to play the game. Either you log in to play this game or you can play the game as a Guest.

 To play Teen Patti Dilbar game you click on Login button. And the information that you are asked for should give you all the information. You can play the game after logging in. 

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To play Teen Patti Dilbar, you must first understand this game very well. How to play this game is explained in detail in this application. For your information I want to point out that you get 52 cards to play this game. Each player has three cards to play the game. And 3 to 6 people are also played at a time to play this game.

All players are charged the amount to play the Teen Patti Dilbar Game. The game is started after all the players put money and the player who has the best cards. That player is considered the winner of this game. All money invested in this game is given to the winning player of a game.


Here are Many Game Available in Teen Patti Dilbar You can Check All the Game After Download APK and Enjoy it Very Frankly We Give Below Short Detail About All The Game Name

  1. Rummy
  2. 10 Cards
  3. Teen Patti
  4. Variations
  5. Dragon vs Tiger
  6. Andar Bahar
  7. 7 Up Down
  8. Car Roulette
  9. Best of Five
  10. Roulette
  11. Black Jack
  12. Zoo Roulette
  13. Poker
  14. Baccarat
  15. 3 Card Poker
  16. Teen Patti 20-20

Teen Patti Dilbar गेम से पैसे कैसे कमाए, How to Make Money in Dilbar Teen Patti

Like we have just told you above that Teen Patti Dilbar game is a good choice for you if you want to earn money along with playing online games. Teen Patti Dilbar game is a game where you can make good money by putting your mind and experience.

The biggest feature of the Teen Patti Dilbar game is that you also get a trial game to play this game. You can enhance your experience by playing the trial game and you can learn well about how to play the Teen Patti Dilbar game. Teen Patti Dilbar game is a game where millions of people earn thousands of rupees by playing the game every month.

Teen Patti Dilbar गेम क्या Safe है

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Friends this is a question that comes to the mind of every single people about whether it is right to play Teen Patti Dilbar game. And people also have a question whether the Teen Patti Dilbar game is illegal. Let me tell you for all the information on Teen Patti Dilbar game is a completely legally protected game. The money you invest here is completely safe.

The biggest feature of this game is that every information you give here is completely safe. Also you get whatever money you win from this game. The money is transferred to your Instant account in a secure way.

Teen Patti Dilbar गेम डाउनलोड कैसे करें, How to Download Dilbar Teen Patti Apk

If you want to play Teen Patti Dilbar game in your smartphone and you want to earn money from this game then first of all you need to download this game in your smartphone. Let us now tell you about how to download Teen Patti Dilbar game.

First you download this application to your smartphone by clicking on the download link button below in your smartphone.

You can download the Teen Patti Dilbar game to your smartphone with great ease by clicking the download link button provided by us.

And by playing this Teen Patti Dilbar game you can earn millions of rupees every month.

How to Install Teen Patti Dilbar in Your Mobile

Step1: Stand-Alone Download Button, Then Click “OK”

Step2 : Click “Open” The Download Application, And Then Click “Settings”

Step3 : Click “Allow” From this “Source” And Click Phone to Return

Step4 : Now Click “Install” And Start Playing

How To Add Cash In Dilbar 3 Patti | Teen Patti Dilbar गेम में पैसे कैसे ऐड करें

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If you want to earn money from Teen Patti Dilbar game then you need to add money to this game. Because to win money from the game you also need to invest money. You are very easy to add money in Teen Patti Dilbar game.

To add money to the Teen Patti Dilbar game, you get the option to add money at the top right side. Here you can add money through your UPI ID or Paytm to add money. Teen Patti Dilbar game gives you the option to add money from ₹10 to ₹100000. If you add money above ₹1000, you also get a separate bonus.

Here are some steps for adding money To the 3 Patti Dilbar wallet

  • First of all Just click on the app 
  • The will be opened
  • Now on You will see Refer and earn Green Button
  • Click on Refer and earn 
  • you will see a Unique refer link 
  • Just copy and share the referral links with your Friends
  • When your friend download the app with your link you will get a 41 Rupees Bonus in your game wallet

Teen Patti Dilbar गेम से पैसा Withdrawal कैसे करें

It’s very easy to make money with the Teen Patti Dilbar Game. You can Withdrawal your money in your bank account with just one clip. Teen Patti Dilbar game I get you a Withdrawal option on its home page to Withdrawal money. As soon as you click on this option, you will be asked for your register number and password and you can withdraw your money by giving all the information. The money that you have withdrawn is transferred to your instant bank account.

Follow these steps to do Dilbar Teen Patti apk Withdrawal.

  • Click on the Withdraw option.
  • You will See withdrawal Form
  • Enter Bank Details to Withdraw Money 3 Patti Dilbar Bank.
  • If you want to withdraw money to your bank acc enter the bank Account number IFSC Code and enter the amount 
  • You can Also Withdrawal By Phone Pe, Google Pay, Paytm.
  • If you Want to withdraw in UPI Enter UPI details to do Dilbar Teen Patti UPI Withdraw.
  • Fill out the KYC.
  • Enter the amount and do the withdrawal.
  • After 2 min your money will be in your bank account

Teen Patti Dilbar गेम में कुल कितने गेम है

The biggest feature of the Teen Patti Dilbar game is that you have the option to play a total of 14 games in this game. You can play all 14 games the game according to your experience and mind. Every game has different modes of play. You can enjoy the game by learning every game well.

Teen Patti Dilbar गेम से Refer And Earn से पैसे कैसे कमाए

Friends Teen Patti Dilbar game gives you a good option to earn money by referring. If you share Teen Patti Dilbar game to your friends and social media  platforms. You also get the bonus of whatever income the games played by the people who join the Teen Patti Dilbar game from the link you share.

Step To Refer Your Friends in 3Patti Dilbar

  1. Open the TeenPatti Dilbar App.
  2. Tap on Agent button.
  3. Now click on Share button.
  4. Your referral link will be copied.
  5. Share your Teen Patti Dilbar referral link with friends.
  6. More you invite more you earn.

VIP Bonus in Rummy Dilbar

With VIP Bonus features, you can win as many free bonuses and Real Cash as possible in less time. To avail the benefit of the free bonus, you have to Recharge your account at a minimum of ₹500.When you Recharge ₹500 in your account, your VIP Bonus is activated. After VIP Bonus is activated you get daily bonus sign in bonus weekly bonus monthly bonus and level bonus.

Follow Steps to Become A VIP

  1. Open the Teen Patti Dilbar App.
  2. Tap on VIP button.
  3. Now click on buy button.
  4. Choose Rs.501 or more.
  5. Tap on Add Chips button.
  6. Now complete the payment.
  7. Once your payment is done you will be a VIP1.

Weekly Bonus on TeenPatti Dilbar

If you also get commission within the agent then in this you people also get a very good weekly bonus which you can claim in some of the following ways –

Bonus FromBonus ToExtra Bonus

Progress Bonus “Teen Patti Dilbar Apk”

Under the progress bonus, you can earn as much as you earn throughout the week, running more than your previous week, and gender more, with the help of this progress bonus program, and you can also withdraw certain amounts without any hassle

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Rule :

  1. You will able to have progress bonus as 1/2 as your progress. When it’s minus. Your Progress bonus is 0.
  2. this is the weekly bonus for the agent with good record.
  3. the agent weekly progress bonus will be delivered each Monday.
  4. you have to claim the agent bonus each week, otherwise it will expire after week.

Teen Patti Dilbar Features :

Daily Bonus: You will get 150000 free chips as soon as you download this game and sign up your account. Apart from this, you can get free chips every minute in it as well as daily bonus is also available in it.

Offline or Online: You can play this game online with your friends and players from all over the world. Apart from this, you can play it in offline mode also with computer.

Game Modes: Many different modes have been given in this game which gives you the experience of playing Teen Patti game in different ways. Eg: Classic TeenPatti Mode, Chatai, Joker/Paplu, Muflis, AK47, JKQK, BLACKJACK.

Rankings & Leagues: Winning and scoring good points in this game also creates a ranking, thanks to which you can become the top player in the world of Teen Patti.

Wheel Rotate For ×2 Bonus: There is also a feature to rotate the wheel, with the help of which you can win 2 times more chips. You can rotate it only once in 24 hours.

VIP Membership: If you want to take advantage in different ways in which game, then you can also take VIP membership by spending some money for this.

Invite Your Friends/Family: Up to 5 players can play online on all Teen Patti tables. That’s why you can invite your friends or family members to these tables and enjoy the game of Teen Patti with them.

Multi Language: This game has been made for Indian players, so both English and Hindi languages ​​have been given in it.

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Teen Patti Dilbar Apps FAQ’s

Q.1How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in TeenPatti Dilbar Apps
AnsYou Can Get Sign Up Bonus Rs.41
Q.2What is the Minimum Withdraw of TeenPatti Dilbar
AnsMinimum Withdraw is Rs.100
Q.3What is the Maximum Deposit of 3 Patti Dilbar
AnsHighest Deposit Is Rs.10000
Q.4How much bonus do you get on each Invite in Rummy Dilbar Apps ?
AnsPer Invites –Rs.80 To Rs.100
Q.5How much recharge commission do you get in tin patti Dilbar Apps ?
AnsRecharge Commission 2.5% To 5.5%

Note- this game involves financial risk. So all you guys are requested to play this game on your own responsibility and your own risk. Because you may get addicted to this game. If you are 18+ age then you play this game otherwise you stay away from this game.


Friends we have given you complete information about what is Teen Patti Dilbar game and how to make money by playing Teen Patti Dilbar game through this article. Friends Teen Patti Dilbar game is a totally how safe and dependable game. If you liked this stuck then you must share this article on your WhatsApp group Instagram Facebook group thank you.

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