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Hello there, readers. I’ve shared a lot of teen Patti and Rummy apps on this blog in the last few months, and you’ve all loved them, so here’s another Rummy app. Rummy 555 is a new Rummy App that is getting more and more popular among the Rummy Teen Patti players in recent months and can be downloaded on the Internet.

Rummy 555
Rummy 555 Apk Download Now, Get ₹41 Rummy 555 App
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Download Rummy 555 Apk, you’ll get a ₹41 signup bonus that you can use to play games and win money. Our blog’s Rummy Teen Patti Apps are the best you find on the internet, and you can download any of them to start making online money. You can also watch the Dragon versus Tiger Game Learning Video learn how to play games for money.

Rummy 555 is a new Rummy App that allows you to make money by playing Rummy and Teen Patti games, as well as other online card games and casino games such as Roulette, Dragon versus Tiger, Andar Bahar, 7 Up 7 Down, etc.

App NameRummy 555
Sign-up Bonus₹41
Minimum Payout₹100
Download ApkDownload
Apk Size39.75MB

How To Download Rummy 555 App

Follow the steps below to download the Rummy 555 Apk.

Rummy 555
Download Rummy 555 App
  1. Click here to visit the Rummy 555 official website.
  2. Now click on the Download button.
  3. Your apk is now downloaded.

Weekly Bonus at Rummy 555

At Rummy 555 you can get a weekly reward of up to Rs.200,000, which is purely based on your referral income. The more referral income you generate each week, the higher the commission you will receive.

Rummy 555

Your weekly reward could be anywhere between Rs.500 – Rs.200,000. This is completely dependent on the amount of referral commission you earn in a week. You can get a weekly bonus if you earn more referral commissions.

Weekly Bonuses List If your weekly referral bonus is between them and, you’ll get an extra weekly bonus.

₹1000 – 3000 = ₹500
₹3001 – 5000 = ₹1000
₹5001 – 8000 = ₹3000
₹8001 – 10000 = ₹6000
₹10001 – 15000 = ₹10000
₹15001 – 20000 = ₹15000
₹20001 – 30000 = ₹20000
₹30001 – 50000 = ₹30000
₹50001 – 80000 = ₹60000
₹80001 – 100000 = ₹100000
₹100000 – Above = ₹200000

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To qualify for the weekly bonus, you must first become a VIP member of Teen Patti 555. Follow the steps below to become a VIP and earn a weekly bonus from Teen Patti 555.

How to Become a VIP

  1. Open the Rummy 555 Apk.
  2. Tap on the VIP button.
  3. Now Click on Buy Button.
  4. Choose 501 from the given option & Tap on Add Chips.
  5. The browser will Open, Now enter your KYC details.
  6. Now Complete the Payment and Come back.
  7. Congratulation! Now you are a VIP at Rummy 555 App.

How to Register and Get ₹41 Bonus

1. First Install and open the Teen Patti 555 Apk.

2. You will be directly logged in to a guest account.

3. After that tap on the user icon and tap on the bounty button.

Rummy 555

4. Enter your mobile number, password, and tap on the OTP button.

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5. Now enter the OTP and verify your number.

Rummy 555

6. Congratulations! you have created your account successfully.

7. Now check your wallet you will get ₹41.

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Rummy 555 Apk Earning Methods

There are three methods to earn money at Rummy 555 Apk. First, Refer and Earn in this you will earn through referring the Rummy 555 Apk to your friends and family. Secondly, Share and Earn in this you will earn when you get referrals in Rummy 555 Apk and last by playing games at Rummy 555 Apk.

1. Refer and Earn

By inviting your friends, you can earn an incredible amount of money at Rummy 555. Rummy 555’s Referral Program is superb, and you’ll be surprised to learn that you’ll get a 30% lifetime profit on your referral Tax amount.

Rummy 555

There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite at Rummy 555 Apk means you can earn an unlimited amount of money from your referrals. You will also get a lifetime commission when your friends play games at the Rummy 555 Apk whether they win or lose doesn’t matter.

How to Earn Money by Referring Rummy 555

  1. Open the Rummy 555 App.
  2. Select the Refer & Earn option.
  3. Now, press the Share button.
  4. Your referral link has been copied.
  5. Promote your referral link to as many people as possible.
  6. The more people you invite, the more money you earn.

2. Share and Earn

This reward is different from the Refer and Earn section because here you will get money rather than commission. The amount you will get here is ₹270 when you have 3 valid referrals. You will get this amount only if your referral recharges their account with ₹1000 and more after that they will become your valid referrals after the recharge and you will get ₹270.

Rummy 555

This Share and Earn Rewards offer is only valid for one referral at a time, but there is no limit on the number of referrals.

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How to Earn Money by Sharing Rummy 555

  1. Open the rummy 555 app.
  2. Click on the Share button.
  3. Now, copy and distribute your referral link.
  4. Use your referral link to share and earn money.

3. Play and Earn

Rummy 555 App includes a variety of online Gambling and Card games and You can win real money by playing them. If you are familiar with card games such as Rummy and Teen Patti then you can use your Card game abilities to defeat your opponents and earn real cash by defeating them in head-to-head games.

Rummy 555

You can also play other multi-player games such as Dragon vs. Tiger and Andar Bahar, which do not involve any form of skill and rely only on your luck to win.

There are lots of games available at the Rummy Teen Patti 555 App such as:-

Multiplayer GamesSkill Games
Dragon vs TigerLudo
7 Up DownRummy
Zoo Roulette10 Cards
Car RouletteTeen Patti
3 Card PokerVariation
Andar BaharAndar Bahar Go
Teen Patti 20-20Poker
BaccaratFishing Rush
Best of Five
Games available at the Rummy Teen Patti 555 App

How To Withdraw From Rummy 555 App

  1. Firstly, Open the Teen Patti 555 Apk.
  2. Now tap on the withdraw button.
  3. Now tap on the Bank Account or UPI button.
  4. After that enter your bank or UPI information.
  5. Now tap on the save button to save your details.
Rummy 555
  1. After all that tap agian on the withdraw button.
  2. Enter a withdrawal amount of at least 100 or more.
  1. Now hit the withdraw button.
  2. Your money will be credit into your bank account within 24hrs.

Daily Recharge Reward

At Rummy 555 Apk you can get a bonus on your recharge amount. You can get a bonus if your total recharge for the day reaches 500+ on the same day, the bonus will be automatically distributed by mail before 00:30 of the next day.

Total recharge for the dayBonus
Daily Recharge Reward

Loss Relief Funds

In this section, you can apply for a loss rescue reward to provide continuous help for your game if the day is unlucky and on game losses. If you loses 8000 in the game on the same day then you can receive a rescue bonus of 8000*10%=800.

Rules for Receiving the Loss Relief Fund:-

Contact the online service to apply for the winnings the next day.

The online customer service will calculate your yesterday’s game betting volume.

After that, they will gift the winnings to your account.

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You can apply only once for this offer.

Mystery Bonus

There is also a mystery bonus offer going on at the Rummy 555 Apk and TeenPatti 555 game will distribute bonuses to all new and old members from time to time. If you haven’t registered then register now to get this Mystery Surprise Bonus from time to time and this reward will be distributed randomly among the players.

Rummy 555 Apk FAQ

Q.1: What is the Sign-Up Bonus in the Rummy 555 App?

Ans: ₹41

Q.2: What is the minimum withdrawal amount in the Teen Patti 555 App?

Ans: ₹100

Q.3: How many games are available to play inside this application?

Ans: 7 Games

Q.3: How to Add Cash?

Ans: Follow the procedure below to add cash at Rummy 555 APk:-

  1. Open the Rummy 555 Apk.
  2. Now tap on the play button.
  3. After that choose the amount you want to add at Rummy 555 APk.
  4. Now tap on the Add Cash button.
  5. After that select your method of payment and tap on the next step button.
  6. A browser will open fill in all the needed information and tap on proceed button.
  7. Chips will be added to your account after you complete your payment procedure.

Q.4: Payment methods at Rummy Teen Patti Apk are?

Ans: Bank Account and UPI

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